Adriano VIVAS, NOW- ARGENTINA / Millésime Bio 2020 Exhibitor

Could you quickly introduce us NOW and your position within it?

NOW is an Export Group formed by 5 sustainable wineries located in different regions within Argentina.

I work as Manager and Coordinator.


Who are your main customers?

We have a broad portfolio of products with different certifications: Organic, Biodynamic, Fair Trade, Carbon Neutral, Non GMO.

In some markets we supply supermarkets and retailers directly.

With the smaller and more premium producers we normally deal with specialized importers and wine clubs.

We also sell some organic wines in bulk, mostly to attend the specific demands of the Scandinavian monopolies.


Speaking of markets, can you tell us how your sales are distributed between the different channels?

Before the COVID-19  pandemic, our sales were around 60% on-trade and 40% off-trade. At the moment we see an increase in E-commerce platforms and Wine Clubs.


What is the image of organic wine on the Argentinian market?

The market is still a niche but growing steadily.

There is a rising interest in organic and more sustainable products. The quality and consistency shown by the producers are helping to leave prejudices behind. We have also seen more organic wines at lower price points, showing that organic products can also be priced at reasonable and competitive levels.


You participated in Millésime Bio for the first time in 2020. What made you decide to participate in the fair?

This was our first participation at Millesime Bio. We had asked several importers mostly from Europe about specific fairs for organic wines, and we found a good consensus about the good attendance and professional profile of Millesime Bio.

After many trips visiting just a few importers in 2 or 3 markets, we decided to attend your wine fair to centralize meetings with companies from a good number of countries and expand our contact base.


What was your objective: to meet new customers? current customers? To better understand the market?

Our main objective is always to find new customers, but it was also a good meeting point with existing importers.


Were you satisfied with your participation?

Yes, we were very satisfied with our first experience. We met a lot of importers that were actively looking for new organic wines. 


What are your objectives for the next Millésime Bio fair?

We would love to participate again at Millesime Bio next year. We would like to show our long-term approach to the market and our capabilities to offer a very broad and complete portfolio of organic, biodynamic and Fair Trade wines from Argentina.

I assume the Covid-19 health crisis is a difficult time for you. Do you have any particular expectations related to this situation?

I really hope to see this pandemic ending as soon as possible.

But, I also wish that things won’t get back to “normal” so fast. Hopefully this pandemic will help us understand the importance of having more conscious consumption habits, being more empathetic with others and more aligned with our planet.


Could you describe Millésime Bio in 3 words?




Company presentation:

- Creation date: Our Group was formally created in 2017, but all the members are at least 20 years old.

- Volume of prod hL / Btl: 900.000 lts per year

- Surface: 300 ha

- Appellation: Mendoza, Uco Valley, San Rafael, Cafayate.

- Distribution circuits domestic / exp: 70% Exports / 30% Domestic

- Website:

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