Millésime Bio 2021

World organic wine fair


See you again on 18 & 19 March 2021!  


Given the success and the enthusiasm shown by the participants for the 1st edition of the fair in a 100% digital version, the Millésime Bio 2021 platform opens again for a 2nd session

Visitor registration for session #2

18/03/2021 & 19/03/2021: Digital fair - 2nd session

Exhibitors list (08/03/2021)
Millésime Bio 2021 - 100% DIGITAL 2nd session Brochure

03/03/2021: Reopening of the visitor registration portal

25/01/2021 to 27/01/2021: Digital fair - 1st session (closed)
Millésime Bio 2021 in January 2021 was the first trade fair after a very complicated year 2020.
Faced with the continuing health crisis, the No. 1 market place for organic wines has reinvented itself and become 100% DIGITAL for the 2 sessions in 2021.
A digital platform makes it possible to navigate from one stand to another, and to get in "live" contact with the exhibitors.

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With the financial support of Région Occitanie and the FEADER European funds 

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