Tasting area

The Millésime BIO tasting area in hall B4 includes the enoteca, the Bubbles and organic alcoholic drinks bar and the Challenge Bar.


The Enoteca has over 1,000 samples available for free tasting, a real place of discovery!

Each exhibitor has the opportunity to present a reference of his choice, which best represents him. The wines are classified by country, region and colour, with a descriptive sheet. 

The Enoteca has 2 dedicated areas:

Biodynamic Corner

This area allows visitors to taste a selection of Demeter and Biodyvin certified wines, the two major biodynamic labels, both of which incorporate the principles of organic farming into their own specifications. 

Bulk Wine Corner

Still in the enoteca, a corner will present samples of bulk wines from the Occitanie region.

Beer bar

A tasting area dedicated to organic beers will be available to visitors.

Bubbles and alcoholic beverages bar

Champagne, cider and spirits will also be available for tasting in hall B4.

Millésime BIO Challenge Bar

All the wines and beers that won medals in the Challenge Millésime BIO 2025 contest will be available for tasting at the Challenge Bar.

To make tasting easier, each sample presented will have a technical sheet with a QRcode. 

This will enable you to :

- get more information about the sample

- save your tasting comments in the tasting notebook available on the Millésime BIO app

- guide you to the exhibitor's stand 

Paper tasting notebooks are also available.

Sudvinbio Sudvinbio, interprofessional association gathering producers and traders of the organic wine industry of Occitania. It organizes the Challenge Millésime Bio contest and the Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site
Challenge Millésime BIO International organic wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site