Millésime Bio news - 28 February 2022


An essential marketplace

Jeanne "Business was extremely brisk this morning. You can imagine how delighted we were to welcome visitors today at the Montpellier exhibition centre. We were right in thinking that expectations were high and both visitors and exhibitors showed up, keen to share tastings again. Millésime Bio’s core values have never been more relevant and with each passing year, promoting simple yet effective dialogue has made us the premier business event in the world for organic wines and other beverage alcohol. Once again, we look forward to welcoming many visitors over the next two days with a desire to engage in renewed economic growth".

Jeanne Fabre, Chair of the Millésime Bio Commission

Nicolas "Millésime Bio is organised by winegrowers for winegrowers. What a joy it is today to see winegrowers reconnect with their customers and meet potential new clients, paving the way for future business. Consumers demand for organic products has never been as compelling, as evidenced once again by our IPSOS research this year. The first day of Millésime Bio is a success and the next two days promise to be busy with densely populated halls. This evening, we are delighted to be organising an inperson gathering once again". 

Nicolas Richarme, Chair of SudVinBio


Arnaud Bonnet, Les Rhums de Ced

"We are absolutely overjoyed to be returning to Millésime Bio after two years, and to be here in Montpellier, with the sunshine, lots of products and neighbours. It really is a very sociable occasion and that’s the first great point. The second is that it is an exhibition where we know we will meet all our longstanding customers – wine merchants, delicatessens etc – but also potential clients. Right from the word go, it was great. We saw all the familiar faces and also future customers – what more could you ask for?"

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Competition organised by Vitisbio in conjunction with Millésime Bio and Inessens.

One of the highlights of the first day was also the awards ceremony for the label competition organised by Vitisbio, in conjunction with Millésime Bio and Inessens, which attracted over 200 participants.

Img 4019

  Three categories were awarded by the panel:

Aesthetics Award given by InessensAward for the most novel label given by VitisbioThe panel’s favourite pick given by Millésime Bio
Vignobles Joël Duffaut Moulon (Gironde)Clos de l'Amandaie Aumelas (Hérault)EthicDrinks Bordeaux (Gironde)
The panel's comment: "Discovering this poem once the wine has been served is an idea that we really liked because it is novel and fun. Biodiversity and ecology are highlighted in the green garland, visited by a humming bird".The panel’s comment: "We liked the play on words and the nod to the clownlike cat with its red nose. The label is a combination of humour, graphics and elegant design. The use of just a small amount of colour was praised for its ability to offer cleaner printing"The panel’s comment: "The company’s environmental approach made a real impression on us and is a very positive contribution to furthering its organic efforts. We found the elegance of the design, using watercolours and artistically conveying the banks of the Loire, very  appealing"
Etiquette Herbe tendreEtiquette Chat PitreEtiquette Vague de Loire

Sudvinbio Sudvinbio, interprofessional association gathering producers and traders of the organic wine industry of Occitania. It organizes the Challenge Millésime Bio contest and the Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site
Challenge Millésime BIO International organic wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site