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Bottle reuse

Bottle reuse was on the programme of the fair conferences. Millésime BIO is a privileged place to meet and exchange ideas for all professionals who are sensitive to eco-responsible approaches. Oc'Consigne, who will be at the conferences and in the exhibition partner-area, was able to advise several exhibitors and raise visitors' awareness of reuse, in this period of shortage of glass bottles and soaring prices.

Oc'Consigne's testimony on the producers who took the plunge after the fair:

"The Millésime BIO fair enabled us to see our first winegrower partners who have integrated the reuse approach in 2021 and to meet new winegrowers and cooperative cellars interested in the approach. From the end of 2021, we felt that there was a growing interest on the side of the wine industry; our meetings with the exhibitors at the Millésime BIO fair confirmed this dynamic. We met with more than thirty of them and answered the questions they were asking: is reuse really better for the environment than recycling? How can we take part to it? What will be the price of the reused bottles? All these questions were also discussed with other actors of the sector such as the printer Inessens, during the conference which can be replayed by clicking here.
Since the end of the fair, about ten of them have committed to the approach: some are at the stage of 'active' reflection: they are thinking about which vintage they could move towards reuse and for which distribution channels, others are at the next stage like Philippe Lelong of the Pech d'André vineyard in Azillanet, who successfully dealt with it a few weeks after the fair: he adapted his label with a partner printer, found the right bottle models, and bottled his "Les Lunes Pourpres" vintage validated for reuse in early April. "  - Anne-Claire Degail, president of Oc'Consigne

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