Philippe Cilia, Invino - FRANCE / Millésime Bio 2019 Visitor

Could you present Invino to us?

To present ourselves in a few words, former sommeliers, today we are wine retailers (+ delicatessen) on the outskirts of Besançon. We currently own 2 wine shops (one created in 2010 and the other in 2016), we are 4  employees qualified in the wine world, to provide advice and sales, and we have needs to provide our customers with reliable values and new products.

How long have you been coming to Millésime Bio?

Since 2010 we have been coming regularly to Millésime Bio, either individually or in groups of 2 depending on our availability. In previous years, we went to other fairs [...] but in 2019, we decided to focus our efforts on Millésime Bio. [...] We found many interesting wines and made many contacts for the future.

What is the current market for organic wine in the wine store network? What is the trend?

Since 2010, we have seen the positive evolution of the sector and the rise in quality of the wines presented. [...] For us, organic wines represent about 70% of our references (more than 1200 wine references) in store and meet a growing demand from our customers for this type of wine that is more respectful of the environment and especially of our health. Demand for "Natural" wines is also increasing, but in much smaller proportions.

What do you think of the Millésime Bio fair? What are its strengths? What do you appreciate most? 

Compared to the other shows we attend, what is interesting is:

We are our clients' first advisors and what motivates us in the first place is "the quest for the good" - organic or not. Fortunately, thanks to our experience and trade shows like yours, we are increasingly able to reconcile pleasure, quality, price and health.

How do you rate Millésime Bio compared to the other shows you have already visited?

On the other shows we have a more impersonal feeling [...] and we appreciate that Millésime Bio is held in Montpellier [...]. 

Do you plan to come back next year?

In all likelihood, we will be present in 2020, with a desire for new discoveries and pleasures. 

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