Herman STROBBE, Bio Planet - BELGIUM/ Millésime Bio 2019 Visitor

Is this the first time you've been to the fair? Otherwise, since when have you been visiting the fair?

I have been coming to Millésime Bio since 2017

Why did you choose to come? What was your objective: to source wines? Better understand the market and the offer?

I come mainly to source new wines and meet with my current suppliers

How many days did you stay?

3 days

Were you able to do everything you wanted?


What do you think of the Millésime Bio fair?

It is the most important fair concerning organic wines.

What are its strengths? What do you enjoy most?

You know that all wines are organic, so there is no loss of time with the supplier on this matter. I also like that all suppliers are treated the same way with the same table space.

What did you think of the self-service tasting area? the Challenge Millésime Bio area?

Self tasting allows to come a bit to a rest and explore some wines without being disturbed. The Challenge area gives a good overview of the awarded wines and again allows a tasting without being disturbed.

What is the current market for organic wine in Belgium? What is the trend?

It is growing as more and more producers and distributors turn to organic wine. Trend is now on "natural" wines and without added sulfites, and on sustainable packaging.

I will be back in 2020!

Sudvinbio Sudvinbio, interprofessional association gathering producers and traders of the organic wine industry of Occitania. It organizes the Challenge Millésime Bio contest and the Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site
Challenge Millésime BIO International organic wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site