Other organic alcoholic beverages

4th edition

Millésime Bio has been the main fair for organic wine for nearly 30 years. Since the 2019 edition, the fair is also open to producers and wholesalers of other organic alcoholic beverages: flavoured drinks made from organic wine, beer, cider, spirits and any other organic alcoholic beverage are also accepted for tasting, provided they comply with currently applicable European regulations for organic products.

The communication on the presence of these products is integrated into the communication of Millésime Bio in its various media.

In 2022, Millésime Bio will celebrate BEER and CIDER:

A dedicated area in the main hall
Increased communication with buyers in the sector
A showcase and tasting during the Monday evening event
A new "Organic Beer" category in the Challenge Millésime Bio 2022 contest

Exhibitor information

Sudvinbio Sudvinbio, interprofessional association gathering producers and traders of the organic wine industry of Occitania. It organizes the Challenge Millésime Bio contest and the Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site
Challenge Millésime Bio International organic wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site